Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Travel

I plan on doing a lot of travelling in my 'Golden Year' so these are the top ten places I want to visit! I don't think I'll manage to actually visit all these places between the end of my Golden Year next May but one can hope!


I have yet to visit the capital of Spain, which is shocking as I have visited every other Western European capital and have been to Spain and Spanish territories more times than I can count! I'm excited to see all the culture and history Madrid has to offer. I'm planning a nice relaxing sunny city break with one of best school friends in September. Hopefully it will still be warm and less busy than school holidays!

A friend of mine is doing a placement in Brussels and promised me a bed in exchange for visiting! I've been to Belgium quite a few times and I really like it as it's such a mixpot country.  I see Brussels as my 'gateway' city to interrailling Europe as I plan to focus on central/eastern Europe it makes sense to head to Brussels first. Plus Belgium is so compact I can use Brussels as a base to explore Belgium too :)


Ireland remains the last country of the British Isles for me to visit- ironic as I live closer to Ireland than Scotland! I've heard great things about Dublin and I've thinking a long catch up weekend with a Uni friend would be the perfect excuse! :)
Los Angeles
One of my best friends is doing a year abroad in LA! It would be rude not to visit.... Especially as I have yet to cross the Atlantic :) We are thinking (depending on money) of doing a road trip across country to.... 
 New York!

As a girl obsessed by big cities, fashion and American TV it's no wonder that I have dreamt of New York for years! Road tripping there would be the ultimate dream <3.

Another interrail stop! I have been in awe of the beautiful architecture and history of Vienna for years! I want to see it all- I love European palaces and architecture style. My camera will be fully charged for this one!
In my mind Budapest and Vienna go hand in hand- possibly because of Austria and Hungary's linked history, possibly because I like pair things up! Either way this is another beautiful city I want to explore! It will also be a relaxing spot as Budapest is the City of Spas! How relaxing does the picture look?
One of my Uni friends lives here and it looks like such a fun and sunshine place! If you live in the UK you will understand how badly I crave sunshine and beaches right now!

I have of course been to London before but there is so much to see! London is having a golden year itself with the Jubilee and the Olympics so I'm excited to go for a long weekend and take it all in- it's only an hour's train journey away!

My friend's boyfriend swears Croatia is the most beautiful European country he has been too! From the pictures it looks gorgeous- I'm including Zagreb on my interrail plan to get a feel for Croatia.


I plan on finishing my interrail adventure in Geneva. I really want to see the Reformation Museum and the Palais of Nations- two attractions which frame two very important European historical events. It's an expensive place to stay but I'm hoping it will be a nice last few days before conveniently flying directly home!

I'm so excited to actually travel- let me know if you've been to any of these places or if you have any suggestions!
Much love


  1. Spain is the most amazing place on the planet. A girl I worked with took a trip to Europe and I raved about Spain. She wasn't excited about that part at all and seemed a little annoyed that I was talking it up so much. When she got back, she said it was her favorite place. I heard she plans on living there. If you have time, add Valencia and Barcelona to your list :)

    1. Wow what an endorsement, few people love countries so much that they move there- Barcelona is on the list!
      I've been to Valencia- such a stunning city!
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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