Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mini-Bloggiesta Wrap Up!

bloggiesta finish line
This post is both goals and wrap up! I thought being offline would make me productive and I think it works!
*Catch up with comments- I always reply to my comments but I'd fallen behind!
Success- All comments are replied to!
*Comment on other blogs- I want to take the time to comment and discover new blogs.
Success- I commented on a few blogs and followed some new ones!
*Get organised- I really mucked up my January schedule as you can see in my review
Success- I was going to print a blog planner but I knew it would end up being something I never got around to! Instead I made my little schedule with updated colours and made sure to include NetGalley books etc. I also scheduled a few different posts :)
*Draft up memes for Feb- Most of the memes I do follow a simple format, it would save time if I had them ready to go!
Success- All Monday posts drafted up! No Top Tens planned for Feb and Stacking The Shelves is drafted!
*Write at least 2 reviews- I need to catch myself back up with reviews!
Fail- I didn't fully write up any reviews due to extra work hours and a killer hangover... But I did drafted up quite a few with covers, blurbs, review notes and ratings!

Not too bad! I really enjoyed this mini Bloggiesta burst- I managed to get myself slightly back on track  and found a few new blogs!
I will definitely be signing up for the next one in March!

How did you do with Bloggiesta?
Reach all your goals?
Much Love!

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