Monday, 17 February 2014

Interview: Jay Crownover

 I'm thrilled to have the chance to ask Jay Crownover (Marked Men) a few of my burning questions!
Jay Crownover
I’m a native Coloradoan and if you live here you know why that is a source of pride.  I love all the things Colorado has to offer and that is why I choose to set my books in this familiar setting.  I try to write about things I know and am familiar with which is why my stories feature plenty of rock and roll and body modification.
I’ve been in the bar industry since I was in college and I spend over forty hours a week watching the interaction between men and women in a unique way.  I think my 9 to 5 job offers me valuable insights into how relationships start and evolve in a social setting.  I love it.
I like to write New Adult novels because I remember being in my early twenties and thinking I had it all figured out only to be proven wrong time and time again.  When I look back those were the years that defined who I am today, and good or bad those decisions untimely set me on my current path, so that’s what I like to explore in my writing.


Did you plan Marked Men series to be a six part series? Particularly Asa, was he always going to get his own book?
No, Asa was going to die originally at the end of Jet's book,  but something about him just kept whispering to me that he could turn it around. Plus of all the guys I needed a guy that was actually a bad-boy. He’s a criminal and really shady so that's fun to play with. I did know all the other guys once they were introduced were going to get their own books. They were all just too interesting to leave hanging.

Do you have a favourite guy or couple?
From the Marked Men books I absolutely do not have a favourite. I love them all and their stories have all been really important to me. I do have a favourite character...he's just in a different series and no one has met him yet! His name is Bax-Shane Baxter and he's a car thief.

What do you have planned for after the Marked Men series?
Right now I have a new series called Welcome to the Point that has the first two books coming out between the marked men books.  Better When He's bad is the first book and it's out in June. This series is very different from the Marked Men so it's exciting to try something new and something really kind of not out there in the NA market right now!

Great series full of hot tattooed guys and strong girls! Highly recommended!

Are you a fan?
Which Marked man is your fav?
Much Love!

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