Thursday, 27 March 2014

Spring Bloggiesta To Do List!

Spring Bloggiesta started today and runs until midnight Sunday! Participate when and how you want. This is your time to improve on those little things about your blog you’ve been thinking about for months, mark off those long to-do lists and possibly even discover a few great new blogs. Whether you have days, hours or just a few minutes we hope you’ll join us! Check out their website for the mini challenges and to link up.

With my work being short staffed I've really been struggling with consistent diverse blogging this month. Luckily Spring Bloggiesta is here in time for me to catch up/get ahead of myself blog wise.

To Do!
  • Comments~ Make sure I'm as up to date with these as I think I am. I find one or two comments always slip under my radar!
  • Posts~ I've actually got several post series ideas to get written up and scheduled! Realistic goal 4 posts scheduled by Sunday,
  • Reviews~ I'm planning on doing the bulk of my review writing next week but I want to draft up at least 5 ready for myself.
  • Challenges~ It's time for me to do a quarterly check in with all my challenge goals so I want to get that post done.
  • Blog Design~ I really want a new unique design so I want to do research this Bloggiesta!
Simple goals but hopefully I can get them done. Make sure you check out my NetGalley mini challenge as well!

If you have any insights, tips or recommendations for blog design please let me know!
Good Luck!

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