Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lettie Loves: TV!

I may not have read a lot in February but I did fall in love with a new TV show...

I started this on a whim last year as my Mum's a fan but it wasn't on UK Netflix or particularly easy to stream so I gave up..... Then a Lovefilm free trial made it oh so easy to watch 2 episodes at a time and return the discs!
I'm on Season 2 Disc 4 at the moment and relatively unspoilt due to 5 no longer airing OUAT in the UK!
Big fan of...
I love the ensemble cast and all the classic tales retold or reimagined.
Henry's character is so essential but so simple.
Mulan and Aurora, I love seeing the Enchanted Forest and getting a completely different perspective of the curse.
Hook, typical bad boy but so intriguing!
Not a fan of...
Rumplestilskin's romance..... I just don't get it!
The lack of August, what has happened to him since the curse was broken??
Snow and Charming <3
Aurora and Philip <3
Emma and Hook, even though it seems so wrong!
Ruby and Gus... </3

Do you watch OUAT? Do you love it? Do more fairytales pop up?
Don't spoil me!
Much Love!

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