Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Book News!

I sometimes feel like I'm the last to find out about book deals or new books so I thought I'd do a round up post of recent news!

I feel like May contained a lot of books news to digest so I've rounded up the news I've been most excited by!

Nicole Williams
Lost and Found is now a series!
Lost and Found is a very recent love of mine, I loved the characters, the setting and basically the whole thing!
NEXT! (30th July 2013.) Near and Far- Jesse and Rowen's story continues! Lost and Found did leave me wanting more Jesse and Rowen. I'm looking forward to the new distance factor in their relationship and how it changes the dynamic between them.
COMING UP! Garth Black is getting his own book! I can't say I was a fan of him in Lost and Found but I do want to find out more about him! 

Steph Campbell
Shayna and Carter get their own book!
I always enjoy Steph Campbell's books and I loved the themes and characters in the 'Quinn' series. (I don't know if the series has an 'official' name I refer to it as Quinn seeing as she's the constant!) 
Friend is a Four Letter Word- I think Shayna and Carter definitely deserve their own book and I'm looking forward to 'seeing' them take centre stage!
with Jolene Perry
My Heart from Yours goes from Stand Alone to Quartet!

I found My Heart from Yours a sweet quick read with surprising depth so I'm so excited for more!
NEXT! July) My Fate for Yours- A prequel featuring Tobin's brother Eamon! I'm kinda apprehensive for this one as I know how it ends. However I was very intrigued by Eamon and the mystery surrounding him!
COMING UP! My Love for Yours and My Life for Yours complete the quartet but no other details...

Monica Murphy
Drew and Fable's series has been expanded!
One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend were great reads and a few of the side characters definitely need their own books!
NEXT! Three Broken Promises- Jen and Colin's story
I loved the hints and glimpses about the backstory and situations between them so I'm excited to find out more about them!
COMING UP! Owen's story and maybe more Drew and Fable!

Have you heard of any other book news I've missed?
What books are you looking forward to?
Much Love!

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