Sunday, 30 June 2013

Challenge Update!

We're halfway through 2013 which means I'm halfway through my 2013 challenges!
I keep my challenges tab updated with all the books I've read for each challenge etc. but I thought it was a good point to do an overall update! :)
 Hosted by Faye at Daydreamer's thoughts
Objective: To diversify my reading!
Aim: Cautious- 12 books=12 genres
Status: 4/12
Update: Going ok! Got a few different genres lined up read so I'm optimistic of completing this one.

Hosted by Sarah of Feeling Fictional
Objective: To be aware of more British authors!
Aim: The challenge is 12 books!
Status: *tumbleweed...*

Update: This one is off to an awfully poor start! I'm going to really focus on it over the summer as I have most of the books lined up, I just need to buy/borrow them :/

Hosted by Evie of Bookish
Objective: To give equal attention to older books on my book shelves!
Aim: A Friendly Hug-11-20 books! Hopefully will do better than my similar 2012 challenge!
Status: 5/11-20.

Update: I feel this one is plodding along slowly but surely! It's more a question of making sure I pick up the older books I already have instead of picking up new ones!

hosted by Bonnie of Bookish Ardour
Objective: To continue my love affair with dystopia!
Aim: Contagion= 15 books!
Status: 4/15.

Update: I've got quite a few sequels etc. lined up for summer! I like to have a lot of time set aside for Dystopia so I can read them straight through!

Objective: To continue my love of 'New Adult'
Aim: Living On Your Own= 20 books!
Status: 20/20

Update: Completed!! 2013 has been a great year for New Adult releases so far so it was almost too easy! Hoping to upgrade to Fully Independent which is a minimum of 30 books.  
hosted by b00k r3vi3ws
Objective: To make sure I give new to me authors a chance!
Aim: Lover= 11-20 New Authors
Status: 18/20
Update: Whoooo! I'm surprised by how well I've done on this one! I think it is heavily connected to the TBR and New Adult challenges as a lot of those books were new to me authors.

Objective: To keep reading new contemporaries!
Aim: Level 2= 10+ Books!
Status: 3/10
 Slow start to this because I think a lot of YA contemporary are released in the summer months!

I think I'm doing ok with all my challenges.
Some have raced ahead and others have been slower to start but six months in and it's looking positive I'll do better than last year!

Let me know how your challenges are going!
Much Love!

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