Monday, 14 October 2013

Sweet by Erin McCarthy.

Jessica Sweet thought going away to college would finally make her free of her parents’ constant judgments and insistence she play chastity club role model for their church events, but if anything, the freedom has made her realize she can’t go home and be a hypocrite anymore. Tired of dodging their questions, she stays at school over the summer and lands in an unexpected crash pad: Riley Mann’s house.
Sarcastic, cocky, and full of opinions, Riley is also sexy personified with tattoos and biceps earned from working as a roofer all day. Not the right guy for her even if Jessica was looking for a relationship, which she is definitely not. But Jessica knows that Riley hides the burden of having to raise his younger brothers behind that grin and as she helps him get his house in order for a custody hearing, they begin to fall hard for each other, and she is forced to question what she’s hiding herself. 
Jessica has never had a problem getting naked with a guy, but when it comes to showing Riley how she truly feels inside, her fear of rejection may just ruin the best thing—the best guy—to ever happen to her…

I really liked Jess and Riley in True so I was hoping they would hold up in Sweet!

I loved the dynamic between Jess and Riley especially how they adjusted to living together with compromises and little arguments.
I liked Jess even more in Sweet, I loved her flair for design and her independent streak. I would have loved more with her family as there was a lot of drama and tension there.  I liked how self aware she was although she did sometimes cross over into overly critical. For example Jess knew she'd have to bond with the True boys in her own way and actively tried to. Jess really developed as a multi-layered character and I'm looking forward to this next book so I can see where Jess' career is developing!
Riley surprised me, he was a lot different than I expected, much more witty and thoughtful. I liked how he slowly warmed to most of Jess' ideas and how he treated her. Riley
I was glad to read more about the True family and to see how they have adjusted to their new family situation and especially to see how their family had developed. Easton, in particular, seemed to be progressing well under his brothers' parenting. I loved how Easton and 'U' responded to Jess who is a much more abrasive person than Rory and how she won them over.
Unfortunately because Jess hid so much from Kylie and Rory they didn't have so much of a role but we did get 'Rachel' who I definitely found interesting and I'm pretty sure she crossed a few friendship lines. I have a feeling she may be the next lead character!


So far Jess and Riley are my favourite couple in this series!

Have you read the True series?
Much Love!

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