Friday, 30 October 2015

Predictions: Queen of Shadows!

(Spoiler free except for Throne of Glass.) 

The bi-annual prediction post!
My only other prediction post was for Crown of Midnight so it must be a Sarah J Maas thing to leave so many theories and questions!
How did my predictions fare last time?
Crown of Midnight Predictions
  • Celaena is somehow related to Elena. They come from the same country and Elena is drawn to her....  Yes!
  • King has a big plan for Wyrdmarks. He seemed to be testing their limits in Throne of Glass and he disappeared with that army. Ooo definitely yes!
  • Philippa has some sort of magical ability. I definitely feel there is more to her than meets the eye! Can't even remember this character....
  • Chaol and Dorian will be locked in a love triangle of sorts for awhile yet! They remind me of George and Jon in the Song of the Lioness Quartet so I think it will be down to the last book or two! Hmmm they still remind me of George and Jon and Rowan now reminds me of Liam!
 Now for new predictions!
  • Dorian will be instrumental to Celaena somehow.
  • Marion's daughter Elide will turn up as an ally or an enemy (I did think she might have been Sorscha.)
  • Sam and his history with Celaena and Arobynn will be central (Which is why I'm reading The Assassin's Blade).
  •  Manon Blackbeak will align with Celaena.
Long Term
  • Rowan will die heroically at some point. I like him but I just feel like that's where his character is heading :(

What are/were your predictions? Could I be right?
No spoilers for QoS please!

Much Love!

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