Review Policy!

What I Review
I tend to mainly review the following genres:
  • Dystopia
  • Young Adult fiction.
  • New Adult fiction.
  • Contemporary fiction.
I don't read erotica, or horror  but other than that I am open to other genres if the blurb draws me in!

At The Moment: Not currently accepting review requests.

How I Review
  • I divide my review into likes and dislikes in order to showcase what I feel were the good and bad parts of the book.
  • I do not review every book I read, especially if I find it hard to review the book with spoiling it, for example middle books..
  • I have yet to not finish a book so I don't post DNF reviews!
  • I have a ratings system, which helps to differentiate between reviews.

Where I Review
  • All of my reviews are posted on this blog.
  • I am hoping to duplicate my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon in 2016.

Other Information
  • I also like to host interviews, guest posts, giveaways etc.
  • I live in the UK but the traffic to this blog is almost evenly spilt between USA and UK visitors.
  • I like to promote debut authors.

If you have a query or would like more information feel free to email me at!.


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