Saturday, 3 January 2015

Challenges 2015!

After my surprisingly successful 2014 with challenges I'm looking forward to new challenges!
 Hosted by Elyssa at Books and Iced Coffee
Objective: To keep reading more Young Adult books! This year Elyssa has added a monthly mini challenge which I am hoping to take part in.
Aim: 20! As I completed this challenge last year I've upped my aim.

Objective: To keep reading and discovering new authors!
Aim: 26-50 Lover level. I've kept my aim the same as last year as I didn't quite reach it.

hosted by Emily of Falling for YA,
Objective: To keep up with my NetGalley requests!
Aim: 25, Silver level. The same as last year as I don't want NetGalley to account for a large proportion of my total.
Hosted by Evie of Bookish
Objective: To make sure my TBR list goes down! I missed a few books in 2014 so I've got a few ready to read!
Aim: 11-20 books, A Friendly Hug. 2015 will be the year I reach this goal!
 hosted by Swoony Boys Podcast and Fic Fare.  
Objective: To read all the books on my shelves, I  often find myself reading more e-books as they are easier to multitask with!
Aim:11-20 - Real Book Enthusiast. I lowered the level as I didn't reach my goal last year.

 hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello Chelly.  
Objective: To rediscover my favourite genre! This is replacing my yearly dystopia challenge as I found myself reaching for more fantasy based books.
Aim: 15. Hopefully not too ambitious!

  hosted by Nori of  Read Write Love 28. 
Objective: To read 105 books!
Aim: 105!
Categories:  12 companion books. 11 Arcs. 10 contemporaries. 9 New Adult. 8 2015 releases. 7 series' books. 6 books from my bookshelf. 5 2014 releases. 4 dystopias. 3 covers with dresses. 2 hardbacks. 1 Sci-Fi.

What challenges have you signed up for this year?
Much love!

Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Challenge Wrap Up!

I'm quite impressed by my challenge accomplishments, maybe my best ever despite reading less books overall! I will be posting my new challenges next week!

 Hosted by Elyssa at Books and Iced Coffee
Aim: 15.
Status: Completed!
Comment: Yay! I'm glad I managed to get back into YA in 2014! 

Aim: 5-9, Re-Reading Pro.
Status: Completed!

Comment: I'm glad I completed this challenge but it was so hard to track as I just randomly reread scenes of books not cover to cover rereads. 

Hosted by Evie of Bookish
Aim: 11-20, A Friendly Hug.
Status: 7.

Comment: I got the exact same result as last year! I need to work on TBR reading as I read some great books from there in 2014.

hosted by Bonnie of Bookish Ardour
Aim: 15.
Status: 5.

Comment: I read more fantasy and less dystopia in 2014. I think as well an issue I've had is distinguishing fantasy and dystopia books as they seem to be overlapping genres!

Aim: 25, Silver.
Status: Completed!
Comment: Yay! I've been good at keeping up with reading my requested books I just need to get back to my reviewing schedule!

hosted by b00k r3vi3ws
Aim: 26-50, Lover.
Status: 21.
Comment: So close! I really glad that 28% of the books I read this year were first reads as I discovered some great authors!

 hosted by Swoony Boys Podcast and Fic Fare
Aim: 21.
Status: 11.
 I have picked up more 'real' books this year as my overall reading level was down this challenge suffered!

hosted by The Book Vixen,
Aim: 140.
Status: 76.
Comment: Well... I got halfway there! 2014 wasn't a great reading year for me.

8 challenges and 3 completed! Which is my all time best- I seem to be improving one challenge at a time!

How did you do in 2014? Any recommendation for 2015 challenges?
Much Love!

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year!!
2014 was my least successful blogging year but years are full of highs and lows! I had a
great year career wise which unfortunately meant a low year blogging. I am proud of myself for sticking to blogging and this year my focus will be on consistency.

Last Year's Goals.
  • Social Media. This is on-going I was better in 2014 than 2013.
  • Diversity~ I was achieving this up until my blogging slump, I had interviews, discussions, behind the blog, and self challenges.
  • Blog Design- This goal is rolling over as I'm in the final stages!
  • Posts. I didn't reach my goal once even during my good blogging period so I may have been too ambitious.
  • Books. Well.... I didn't even get halfway to 200!
2015 Goals.
My main focus is on consistency so my goals are realistic.
  • Posts. 100 posts is my goal! Roughly 8 a month which I think I can average over the year.
  • Books. I'm aiming for 105 with a special challenge which I will detail in my challenge post.
  • Diversity. My main aim here is consistency, even when I'm in a slump or busy I need to make sure my posts are diverse.
  • Social Media. I need to get back in to tweeting and instagramming regularly!
  • Schedule. I had a good scheduling plan going but I slipped and it disappeared! I have Feb and March in Uni so I want to schedule for April and May.
  • Continuity. No matter how hard or
Fingers crossed I achieve my goals this year!
What are you hoping to achieve this year?
Much Love!