Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lettie Loves: Cover Judging!

New post which will feature book/reading related things I love! This post is on
Cover Judging!

Most readers are guilty of judging a book by it's cover at least once!
I've always spent ages perusing bookshops waiting for a book to catch my eye and now I tend to browse kindle for pretty covers and preview them! I am definitely guilty of cover judging! However I do pick up more books than I reject based on their covers so maybe I'm a positive judge?
As it is YA and NA Contemporary Month I thought I would share with you a couple of books I decided to read purely based on their covers!

When I posted the cover on one of my Monday posts the majority of the comments were about how beautiful this cover is! I think it is such an unique and gorgeous cover!  Most importantly this book lives up to the cover! Review!

This cute cover kept popping up on blogs and catching my eye! It is so sweet with it's juxtaposition of ballet and boy's trainers. This one turned out more spicy than sweet but just as good as it looks!

My Heart for Yours 
How can one book be allowed to have TWO such gorgeous covers?? I love how they both have a  cute 'young love' theme to them! I'm very glad this one caught my eye as it led to about 5 other awesome books!
This intriguing cover was randomly suggested to me by Amazon and is responsible for really kickstarting my trust in 'indie' books as well as making me a Sea Breeze groupie! The cover really stood out as it has so many hints to the actual book such as the case and the key.

Clearly certain cover themes draw me in such as hearts on windows! I really loved this cover from afar for ages and finally got around to buying it... Lets just say I actually returned it to Amazon- guess covers can't always be trusted!
What do you think? Are you guilty of serial cover judging?
Have any of these books caught your eye?
Much Love!

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