Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mini Reviews: Diana Peterfreund Edition.

I had For The Darkness Shows Stars on my TBR for years so I snapped up the two novellas for free  without a second thought. I brought Among the Nameless Stars before For The Darkness Shows Stars just to be sure I would enjoy it and ended up buying the book about halfway through!

Before Kai joined the Cloud Fleet, he wandered… AMONG THE NAMELESS STARS
Four years before the events of FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS, the servant Kai left the North Estate, the only home he’d ever known, and Elliot North, the only girl he ever loved, in search of a better life. But the journey was not an easy one.
Featuring narrow escapes, thrilling boat races and at least one deadly volcanic wasteland.

I loved how Kai came across, his determination shone through and how he committed to his values. The world building was brilliant for such a short novella, the Reduction was explained enough to interest you for the full novel yet you still felt like you understood as much as Kai did. I'm so glad I read this before For Darkness Shows The Stars as I feel that Kai came off as harsh and unfeeling initially and I may have been put off by him. I also like that it showed the Capital and more of the world as the estate is very isolated and it was good to see how the rest of the country was changing.

Discover how it all began…
New Pacifica was designed to be a tropical paradise, a refuge for humanity filled with natural wonders and technological marvels. A place of perfect peace, where “war” was only a war out of ancient history–or so the privileged teenage aristocrat Persis Blake had always been taught.
But then comes the revolution and the death of a queen, and suddenly it’s no longer enough for Persis to trust the words of her parents, the lessons of her teachers, and the decrees of the men in power.
One terrible night, Persis witnesses the truth: there are those who will stop at nothing to destroy her world… but is there anyone who could save it?

 The First Star to Fall was set in a different part of the world so it was great to get a glimpse of what it like before. I already love the differences between FTDS and Across The Star Swept Sky, the emphasis on science. New Pacifica seems like a more advanced place in some respects and I hope the 'cure' can be developed and exported. I also think this offered more insight into the Reduction as the people seemed to be much more aware of the science behind it. In a short novella I was impressed by the juxtaposing of the pretence and reality of NP through the extravagant party and just a short journey to the heart of the Revolution. I feel like the full novel will be more dangerous and risky. The characters, especially Persis, seem much more inquisitive and proactive. Looking forward to

I loved these novellas I think they were great at setting the world up and the main conflicts as well as giving important insights and background to the characters.
Do you enjoy series novellas?
Much Love!

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