Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mini Bloggiesta~ July 2013.

This weekend is the 2nd semi-annual MINI Bloggiesta!
Hosted by Suey from It’s All About Books and Danielle from There’s a Book.
Bloggiesta starts now and runs until midnight Sunday! Participate when and how you want. This is your time to improve on those little things about your blog you’ve been thinking about for months, mark off those long to-do lists and possibly even discover a few great new blogs. Whether you have days, hours or just a few minutes we hope you’ll join us!
It's Bloggiesta time again! I've got high hopes for this weekend!
  • Reviews~ My reviews have been backing up like crazy! I want to write up a few and draft all the others.
  • Comments~ I have been so rubbish at commenting which annoys me because I think it's rude!
  • Planning~ My planning has gone awry so I'm taking this chance to plan out August and September.
  • Posts~ I have a few post ideas sitting in drafts that I want to type up.
  • Email~ Gmail has changed for some reason and doesn't show me all my emails?! Need to look into that!
  • Social Media~ Lastly I stopped my automatic twitter link so I need to make sure I schedule tweets when I schedule all the new posts I will have written :P
  • Reviews~ At least 5 and a few more drafted!
  • Comments~ Back comment all of July and visit new blogs.
  • Planning~ Plan August posts and review books and start doing the same for September.
  • Posts~ Write up 2 of these ideas and work on the others.
  • Email~ Figure out how it changed!
  • Social Media~ Lastly Make sure all scheduled posts have a scheduled tweet

Phew! A lot of work to do! Fingers crossed a lot gets done!

What are your goals?
Good Luck!
Much Love!


  1. I've been awful at commenting too. Trying to fix that today!

  2. "UGH!" to the Gmail issue! I'd been without a computer for a while, and once I got on again there were all these crazy tabs. I have my own way of organizing, thank you very much! *sigh* Good luck finishing up the rest of your goals!


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