Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Riptides by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt.

 Enzo Rodriguez doesn't take much seriously--unless it involves waves, boards, or good beer.
When too-hot-to-handle Jessica Mills strolls into his life, Enzo is willing to forego all of those things for every second he can spend with her.
But Jessica has a huge secret--and when it’s revealed, it not only crushes Enzo, but has the last person he wants to ask a favour of--his brother-in-law Adam--bailing him out of jail.
Enzo is convinced that the only way to mend his bruised ego and heart, is to pack his bags and leave the turbulent waters of Silver Strand...for good.

 I have been a massive Lengths fan for over a year now so I eagerly snatch up every tour opportunity or book as quick as possible! :)

What I loved:
Enzo- I loved his honesty and how witty he was. He reminded me of Deo more than any of the other leads which I think is what makes him my second favourite lead! I really liked how he interacted with the all the existing characters such as, treating Ryan much nicer than any of the others, teasing Adam and Cohen and how well he got on with Deo. I  loved reading their surfing sessions. I liked how he was so charming and intuitive he was with Whit, Maren, Gen and Hattie, especially advising Hattie on Ryan. Enzo really grew emotionally as the novella progressed which was clear in his approach to Jessica, unfortunately he growth wasn't recognised!  
Plot- I loved that the plot revolved around Cohen and Maren's wedding as it  meant that the novella had less of  narrow focus and all the characters were present.
Sliver Strand- I love love love this community. I enjoyed seeing Ryan and Hattie again and how they had developed as a couple. I love how Whit and Deo are now the solid long term couple, such a gradual change from their messy beginnings! Gen and Adam are still struggling to balance their ideals of marriage roles and life, I'm looking forward seeing how it all plays out. It was great to see more of the rest of the Rodriguezs. As usual Marigold's advice was poignant and necessary!

What I didn't love as much:
Jess- I didn't warm to her as she obviously had a lots of secrets. I found her highly unreliable and I didn't like how she treated Enzo although it was clear why as her secrets unravelled.
Ending- I can't stand ambiguous endings! So glad Enzo's getting a spin off!

Once again loved the characterisation and community of Silver Strand but the ending is so bittersweet!
Is Enzo one of your favourite Silver Strand character?
Much Love!

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