Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Temptation of Lila and Ethan by Jessica Sorensen.

On the surface, Lila Summers is flawless: good looks, expensive clothes, and a big, beautiful smile. But a dark past and even darker secrets are threatening to bubble over her perfect fa├žade. She'll do anything to keep the emptiness inside hidden-which leads her into situations that always end badly. Whenever she hits bottom, there's only one person who's there to pull her out: Ethan Gregory.
Ethan set the rules a long time ago: he and Lila are just
friends. He doesn't do relationships. Although his tattooed, bad boy exterior is a far cry from Lila's pretty princess image, Ethan can't deny they have a deeper connection than he's used to. If he's not careful, he could be in serious danger of becoming attached-and he's learned the hard way that attachment only leads to heartbreak.
When Lila falls farther than she ever has before, can Ethan continue to help as a friend? Or is he also getting close to falling . . . for her?

I loved Ella and Micha's story but I found Lila and Ethan so intriguing! I've been waiting for their story for ages!

What I loved:
Lila- Lila was very different than what I expected. Ella sees as a nice, rich girl who is very into appearances and well behaved. However Lila was a much deeper and darker character who was more realistic. There was a lot under her shiny exterior. I admired her loyalty and dedication. I didn't expect her to be quite so complex but I really enjoyed reading her journey from rock bottom to normal. I loved how much her character grew and evolved, she became less materialistic and slowly learnt to let go of unhealthy elements in her life. I loved all her interaction with Ethan whether they were bantering, or arguing they were so fun to read.
Ethan- Ethan was a surprisingly mature and reasonably responsible guy. As Ella finds him annoying her portrayal was a lot different. Ethan was at his core a genuinely nice and caring guy, this was especially clear in how he dealt with Lila. He put so much time, effort and patience in to supporting her, going as far as to make himself uncomfortable for her benefit. I loved learning more about his background, it was interesting to say the least. The way he used a journal to make sense of his feelings really fitted in with his character as well as his drumming skills. I really loved how selfless he become and how he treated Lila.
Plot- As I've mentioned the plot really surprised and impressed me. Lila and Ethan despite financial differences had surprising similar and dark backgrounds which made the character driven plot so much more intriguing and layered than I had expected. I loved getting glimpses of Ella and Micha through Lila and Ethan's perspectives for a change especially in the lead up to their wedding. The character development and growth really made for a rich plot!

What I didn't love as much:
Lila's Parents- They were both absolutely awful selfish people. They created dangerous and destructive situations for their two daughters who could have avoided a lot of hardship if they had be given basic love and attention! Lila's Mum had obviously come from a poorer background which might have accounted for her especially callous perspective of those poorer than her. She was also quite clearly the driving force behind Lila's issues. I was quite intrigued by Lila's aunt who seemed like a decent person!


Well worth the wait! I loved the complex and deep characters, the glimpses of Ella and Micha and the relationship between Lila and Ethan.

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Much Love!

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