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Blog Tour: Off Limits by Sawyer Bennett.

Two years ago, Emily Burnham, had an epiphany about the shallowness of her life. And she made it her mission to become a different person…a better woman. Out from under the controlling thumb of her mother, Emily is tasting the real world for the first time. And she likes it.
Nixon Caldwell has served his time in the Marine Corps, surviving two brutal tours in Afghanistan. He is back home, surrounded by what he likes best…isolation. It's certainly the best way to avoid confrontation of the consuming guilt that is weighing him down.
When an accident brings Emily and Nix together, he soon learns he is not the master of his own fate. Struggling with his own pain, Nix tries to guard himself against Emily’s charms. He wants her in his bed, but he doesn’t want her in his heart. 
Having grabbed life by the horns, Emily wants it all. But is she willing to accept just the small part of himself that Nix is offering? Can she reach the part of his soul that he has deemed to be Off Limits?

First Impressions!
I wasn't sure about Emily after reading Off Sides so I was pleasantly surprised with her new outlook!

What I loved:
Nix-I loved how his character grew and evolved during the course of the story. His backstory was well thought out, clever and informative. It was realistic and as the whole story emerged it really explained Nix's actions. I loved how he was with Emily, how drawn to her. Without spoiling too many of Nix's secrets I liked how he had the capacity to deal with his own issues even if he took awhile to recognise the issues! I also liked how he was with Harley who was such a friendly and clever dog!
Emily- I went from disliking Emily to loving her in Off Limits. I loved how she had changed from a selfish girl to a sweet independent woman who tried to help people and stood up for herself. sweet girl!
Family- Family seemed to be very important in this book which I loved! I liked how different their families were in terms of structure. Nix understandably had a male orientated family who all worked hard and stuck together. I liked how Emily's family was changing and evolving realistically as different members started to stick up for themselves or make themselves heard. I even started to feel an affinity with Emily's mother despite her rude and arrogant ways she did think she was doing what was best and I liked that in the end she had the capacity to try and adjust. I loved seeing more of Danny and Ryan especially how close Emily had grown to them.
Epilogue- I always love epilogues! I liked that Off Limits gave closure to Danny and Ryan's story and to an extent the Burnham family. I loved the way it hinted subtely at the next book in the series and gave hope to Nix and Emily. 

What I didn't love as much:
....- I didn't really dislike anything! I didn't like Todd but even he had his reasons!
I loved the characters and their development, the relationships and I could not put it down!

Are you loving the Off Series too?
Much love!


  1. Thank you Lettie!!! So glad you enjoyed!!! xoxoxo

    1. You're Welcome!
      I'm looking forward to Off the Record :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This sounds like a really interesting book! I am a military wife and I know how hard a tour can be on the guys. This is def something that caught my attention. I also really love the cover. Thanks for sharing this review! I will def be looking for this one!

    1. Wow- I def think you would have a better understanding of Nix!
      I hope you get around to reading it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the post! This book sounds great. :-)

    Best Wishes,
    Lindsey V.

  4. The cover is hot! Thanks for sharing this book that will be added to my TBR list. ;)

    1. Glad it made it on to your TBR!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Replies
    1. I know right- Check out the cover of the next one, it's even hotter!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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