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Interview: Fisher Amelie

I've been a fan of Fisher Amelie since I read Thomas and January almost a year ago! So I'm thrilled to have her here for a feature day! First up an interview!
About Fisher Amelie.
Where were you born?
I was born in Wichita, Kansas on a farm with my aunt and uncle. I’d often help out, typically in the pigsties. This one time, sheesh, I was balancing myself as I walked across the pigsty fence line and fell in.  Wait a minute…Only the Wichita part of that was true. Though, I do own a pair of sparkly red pumps. Haayaay! Anyway, I was born in Wichita but left at the tender age of five for the world of Larry Hagman, sans the drama. Basically, the ‘burbs of Dallas.
Where do you call home?
I live in my head but I reside in Dallas still. I have a pretty little family of my own now and I’d say they were my home.
Is writing your full-time Career?
Writing is my full time career. I dig it, a lot. It’s, like, my favourite thing to do in the entire world. I get giddy butterflies when I sit at a blank screen. It’s such a high.
Essentially I have two full time jobs, though. I’ve got kids so all you mama’s out there know where I’m coming from on this.

About Writing.
Where do your ideas come from?
Oh, man, you know, they come from everywhere but usually they’re inspired by things I read. For instance, for VAIN I’d just read this amazing book called Kisses from Katie. Its author Katie Davis dropped all her college plans, moved to Uganda at nineteen and decided, “I’m gonna’ stay and adopt a bunch of incredible kids and feed a bunch of incredible people.” It was her fate and I was so in awe of her. Anyway, her story inspired me to dream up VAIN.
How do you plan your books?
I lay out a basic plot line for the novel just to create my skeleton before delving a bit deeper into plotting out the subplots. All my characters get their own page of description where I go so far as to describe where and how they grew up and how that built them into the person they are. I create an entire world before I even write the first word so I cannot be taken by surprise.
Do you plan an entire series, or take it book-by-book?
My series are strange in that they aren’t chronological to one particular set of main characters. I don’t like writing MC’s for more than one book. I’m not sure why but I get tired of them quickly. I like to move on so I build my series as a sequence of stand alones, usually borrowing secondary characters from previous novels and making them my main characters.
How do you pick your covers?
I have the distinct advantage of having a genius marketing executive for a hubs. When I say genius, I mean he’s unfairly gifted with extraordinary creative talent. I tell him what I think I kind of, sort of want. He disregards that usually and gives me what I actually want. Then, voila! I don’t like to brag but my covers really are incredible. :D

What's Next?
What is your next book about? (140 characters or less!)
Spencer Blackwell is his father’s wicked pawn but he feels he doesn’t have a choice because his bank account can't take the hit regardless if his soul is turning as black as the deeds he’s hired to do.
Will this book be part of a series?
GREED is book two of The Seven Deadly Series.
What was your favourite part to write and why?
Funnily enough, my favourite part is a section I’ve yet to write. The ending is going to be DYNAMITE! It’s just so powerful and so emotional.
What else are you working on?
At the moment, nothing else. GREED consumes me…the novel, not the sin. Nyuck, nyuck.

Five Random Questions!
Ebook or paper/hardback? Ebook.
Favourite colour? Teal.
Favourite character you’ve created? Ian Aberdeen of VAIN.
Dream holiday destination? Somewhere remote and somewhere tropical. Bring on the sun, baby!
What are you reading at the moment? The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
I have to agree Fisher's covers are absolutely gorgeous!
Stay tuned for a Callum and Harper post and a Greed teaser!
Much Love!

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