Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Sign Ups!

I wasn't going to sign up to any read-a-thons as I have my Summer Bingo Challenge to keep up with but then these three challenges popped up in my news feed...

Arc August
ARC August is a month long challenge Octavia hosts as a way to help motivate people to tackle their huge (and small) ARC piles.
Sign up here.

I've gotten majorly behind with NetGalley so I thought this would be the best motivation!
I'm aiming to read 10 ARCs this August which should get be back on course!

The Monster Thons.
The Monster Read and Review-a-thons are a great chance for us all to get together, read some fabulous reads, and get to those reviews that we know have been sitting there waiting to be done for a little too long. Sign Up here.
I've chosen Reviewathon!

I had a bit of a reading spree so I need to do some hard core reviewing!
I'm aiming to write a total of 14 reviews, two a day!

Beat the Heat Readathon
The Beat the Heat Readathon runs from August 11th to September 1st. What does this readathon entail, you ask? Well, read as much or as little as you want – the main point is to READ! You set your own goal, and for three weeks you read as many books as you can/want to reach your goal!
Sign Up here.
I just love readathons and this one sounds fun!
I'm aiming to read about 15 books, so five more than Arc August!

Have you signed up for any readathons??
I'm really looking forward to these!

Much Love!

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  1. Wow 14 reviews to do! I haven't had that many in a while, been trying to keep up before school starts. I think I have 3 or 4 to write currently, although more soon once I finish books. Hope you are getting all your reviews done!


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