Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cover Love: UK vs US Comparisons.

Comparison Time!

I love the Pushing the Limits series! Each book is unique, the relationships are layered and complex as are the plots. The covers are absolutely stunning too!

The top row are the UK covers and the bottom US.

Typography. The font and the layout.
UK I love how bold the UK font is. The colour highlights other aspects of the cover as well.
US. I do like the font and the directional differences but it's a bit to similar for me.

Relevance. Do the covers offer a sneak peek of what's instore?
UK. This is a tough one because apart from how sporty the girl on Take Me On looks, the covers are just generic couples.
US. Again a few attractive generic couples however the car on Crash into You and the kickboxing element to Take Me On does make them more relevant.

True. Do the covers offer a true representation of the characters?
Pushing the Limits and Dare You To are similar across the covers.
UK.  Crash into You the girl is blonde like Rachel if a bit sultry and the guy is a clean cut version of Isaiah. Take Me On I like that Hayley looks sporty and tough with West completely in the background.
US. Crash into You again the girl is blonde but this Isaiah has tattoos and they are in a car. However Take Me On, the girl looks more casual in her jeans and tank top whereas West looks like he could be her trainer.

Overall the UK covers are my favourite but they are all similar and luckily gorgeous.

What do you think?
Much Love!

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