Wednesday, 12 September 2012


'Not every book I read will be reviewed'
Just a little post on how I structure my reviews and their content!
  • My reviews will always be relatively positive. Why? I am genuinely positive about everything in life, even things I don't like! If I can't find anything to like in a book I most likely won't finish it and it won't get reviewed.
  • Despite this my reviews are balanced and will include books I didn't enjoy, just not books I couldn't finish or really disliked!
  • I like to display the book cover and blurb of the edition I actually read..
  • I always do a little introduction normally with how I came across the book and if I enjoyed it.
  • I try to keep my reviews balanced by dividing the content into likes and dislikes.
  • I sum up the book in the end and I now have a rating system!
  • The use of a rating system is to differentiate between books.
  • I focus on the plot and characters more than the actual writing style.
  • I always note down my likes and dislikes straight after I finish a book so it's all fresh in my mind.
  • I might comment on the genre etc.
  • I try my best not to include any spoilers!
How do you review?
Do you like my style?

Much Love


  1. I wish I had a style - but it's more of a discussion I suppose and I aim for brevity. I just communicate my thoughts on how the book made me feel - what stood out - could be character, unique plot, or what I disliked.

    1. I have to lay it out to stop myself just gushing how much I loved the book!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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