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Mini Reviews! Steph Campbell Edition!

Mini reviews~ Sometimes I love a book but I just can't do a full review or I just back log reviews!

*This is a new feature so the format isn't fully tested! I think I will post the cover, blurb, one thing I loved and one thing I didn't and a rating!*

This edition is dedicated to Steph Campbell- one of my favourite 'new' authors. Together with Liz Reinhardt she released her latest book, Depths, early this week and at 77p- how kind is that!

Sydney Pierce has just met the guy of her dreams…just don’t tell her psycho boyfriend, Trevor.
With a gorgeous boyfriend, a thriving gymnastics career and a stellar academic record, anyone would assume that Sydney has it all. That's precisely what the seventeen-year-old perfectionist wants you to believe, and she works hard to keep up the pretense. Especially now that there are cameras following her for a documentary on Olympic hopefuls.
When Grant, the charming new student, disrupts her carefully crafted routine, the cracks beneath her perfect fa├žade begin to rise to the surface and despite Trevor's objections to their friendship, she can't stay away from him.
As her connection to Grant pulls her closer to him, the once lighthearted relationship with Trevor takes an intense and dark turn, forcing her into a position in which not only her happiness, but her safety is at stake. Can Sydney learn to let go of everything she is clinging to in order to gain everything she has ever wanted, or will she realize her breaking point too late?

I had to read this one before Grounding Quinn as it's the prequel! As usual it was 77p!
What I Loved:
Quinn- Quinn definitely shone in this book! I enjoyed getting a sneak peek of her personality and her issues. It made me desperate to read Grounding Quinn.
Gymnastics- The inclusion of gymnastics was really different. Sydney's devotion, really set her apart from her friends and made her character much more engaging.The documentary, although intrusive, was a brilliant plot device!
Grant- I LOVED him! He was such a decent guy and so perceptive. I loved how he treated Sydney and how he built up a relationship with her.
What I Didn't Love as Much:
Depth- Delicate wasn't as 'deep' as Grounding Quinn despite the subject matter! It certainly suited the characters but I wanted more!
I loved the plot and the characters, it really set the scene for Grounding Quinn!


Nineteen-year-old Whit Conrad leaves her conservative Pennsylvania home for sunny California, looking for independence, a fresh start, and a place to stash her grief. She promptly finds a job at a tattoo parlour, a craptastic first apartment, and one friend—Ryan—who is a little less friend, a little more benefits.
Deo Beckett is a soulful surfer with a passion for tattoos and beautiful women. On the eve of his twenty-second birthday, he finds himself living with his grandfather, recently unemployed, and seriously adrift. He doesn’t know much about what he wants out of life, but he does know his current situation isn't cutting it.
When Deo meets Whit, she’s all sexy makeup and fierce, smart-ass fun. It doesn’t take him long to see past her tough shell. And when he gets a good look at what's under all the superficial stuff that usually gets his attention, it leaves Deo wondering if there might be more to life than living fast and free.
Too bad Whit has a past she doesn't plan on sharing—no matter how hot Deo is. She might want him, but she knows better than to let her guard down.
Deo falls for Whit, and falls hard. But everything about her, down to that mysterious tattoo and the way she thrashes in her sleep, tells him that the girl he loves is hiding something. And the more he pushes for answers, the more Whit pulls away.
Having your guard up is one thing, but are the lengths Whit goes to to protect her secret worth throwing away the second chance she has at happiness with Deo?

I was so excited when I found Lengths for 77p- at the time it was the only Steph Campbell book I hadn't read!
What I Loved:
Whit- I really felt for Whit- she made one rash and immature statement that most people in her situation would of and it led to the worst possible consequence! I admired how she had struck out on her own and worked so hard to make up for it. I loved how she 'tamed' Deo but she did frustrate me with her inability to let Deo in properly!
Side Characters- The side characters made this book so entertaining! Deo's Mum, Marigold, was such a hippie fun character! She was so good to Whit and I loved her relationship with Rocko. I liked how Rocko bonded with Whit and how good he was for Marigold. Deo's Grandad was the perfect old veteran- I loved how much he positively influenced Deo and all his sarcastic comments. I was also intrigued by Cohen, he was a really good friend to Deo seeing the best in him when he couldn't and giving him tough love when he needed it- Excited for his book!
What I Didn't Love as Much:
More- I just wanted to read more of Deo and Whit together! Maybe more of Whit reconnecting with her family. Maybe Deo's Dad to popping up! So glad that Cohen got his own book so I get more of him!
I have picked this one back up time and time again- it is such an engaging story and the characters are so full of life!

A Toast to Good Times

It’s the eve before Christmas Eve, and all that twenty-three-year-old Landry has on the agenda for the holiday is moping in the bar that he left everything behind to open.
And he’s got plenty to mope about.
He found his girlfriend treating herself to a little holiday delight with his best friend;
He hasn’t seen his family in over a year- since he alienated them all and ended up spending a night in jail;
And he may have just ruined the perfect, uncomplicated thing he had going with his platonic hot roommate, Mila.
Drinks all around!
But when he gets a call from his sister, Paisley, begging him to make it home for a huge announcement, he tosses aside his better judgement, (or, what’s left of it after that last round of drinks) and hops on the first train back home to Jersey.
But home for the holidays isn’t all mugs of cocoa and fireside chats with his family.
Landry left the people he loves the most high and dry when he fled to Boston and spent all of his inheritance…the inheritance money that he was supposed to use to help save his family’s floundering bar.
His dad will hardly look at him, his ex is maybe stalking him, his sister has dropped a bombshell on the family, and a flame from the past catches his eye. When Landry’s present and near past collide, it only further complicates things.
Landry thought he was leaving all of his problems behind when he left his family in New Jersey. But he comes home to find out that problems, like family, never go away. And sometimes facing the past with the help of someone who’s fearless about the future is the only way to move on.

I was so excited for another Campbell and Reinhardt collab! It didn't let me down!
What I Loved:
Viewpoint- I loved the strong male viewpoint. Landry was hilarious and gave real insight into his thoughts and feelings especially surrounding his family issues and Mila. Which was good it made sure he came across properly as some of his actions would have seemed awful from another point of view!
Relationship- I loved how the relationship developed slowly and realistically especially as Mila and Landry were in different places emotionally. I liked how their roles weren't rigid and they adapted and changed to accommodate each other.
Family- Landry's family was so detailed and layered! I liked the issues that Landry had with them,they weren't over the top or too much just sadly realistic. I loved how they started resolving their issues and getting back to their old relationships.
Toni- Perfect secondary character! I loved how brilliant her advice was and how even though she still had feelings for Landry she knew they didn't belong together. She was so good to rise above what had happened between them and give him honest advice.

What I Didn't Love as Much:
Boston- I wanted more of Landry and Mila in Boston together- just because I loved them together!
Heather/Tyler- What a selfish and inappropriate couple!

I really enjoyed this collaboration- it was fast paced and full of surprises, great read!

Beautiful Things Never Last.
It’s been a year since Quinn's life was changed for good by that Christmas kiss from Ben.
A year spent getting her life together. No more crazy parents looking over her shoulder, no more self-destructive behavior or secrets. Now, she and Ben share everything— including a tiny apartment, and a beautiful love.
Since he met Quinn, Ben’s life has been full of change. After finally standing up to his mom, he’s cut ties with his family and moved across the country with the only girl he’s ever wanted. But there’s something to be said for feeling needed, and he’s not sure that he is anymore.
When Quinn’s accepted into a month long culinary program in Italy, she’s ecstatic. But while she’s in a gorgeous country learning gnocchi and pesto, Ben’s blowing off her calls and pulling back.
But someone from Ben’s past walks back into his life, and he finally feels like he has a purpose again. Someone to take care of... Someone to save.
When Quinn returns, and the who's and why's of Ben's behaviour are revealed, how does she have any choice but to walk away from the only guy she's ever loved?
And how can Ben ever learn to let her go?

I was so desperate to pick this one up that I got an American friend to buy it for me!
What I Loved:
Carter and Shayna- Shayna was so different from Grounding Quinn and I really wanted to read more about how she  had progressed to such a committed relationship. I loved how Shayna and Quinn had begrudgingly become friends! Carter was so well developed in this book- I liked how he took Ben under his wing and how supportive he was of Quinn.
Quinn- Quinn's evolution! I was worried she would start becoming overly dependent on Ben but instead she became stronger in herself! I loved how she realised and accepted that Ben and her weren't perfect so mistakes would happen and how she learnt to move on from those mistakes. It was a brilliant character evolution.
What I Didn't Love as Much:
Sydney- I wanted to hear more about Sydney and her life! As Quinn's best friend I expected to read more about her!
Ben's Family- Ben's family were so over the top and inappropriate especially his mother. I mean Quinn's family had obvious and clear issues but Ben's family were unnecessarily awkward and rude. Quinn wasn't that awful that they needed to cut their only child out of her life and undermine him constantly!

I loved catching up with Quinn and Ben and seeing how much they had grown as characters as well as seeing more of Carter and Shayna!

I love Steph Campbell's books- they never disappoint!
Have you read Steph Campbell?
What do you think of these Mini reviews?
Much Love!

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