Friday, 29 March 2013

Lettie Loves Films!

Good Friday! I will be celebrating Good Friday like I always do with fish and chips at my Grandparents!
I mentioned the other week that I had a crazy film week so I thought I'd do a little post on them! 

 Jack the Giant Slayer!
Courtesy of Sky Rewards- 3D!
I really wanted to see this one so I was thrilled when I managed to get Sky Rewards tickets last minute!
I loved the premise, Jack and the Beanstalk is such a well loved tale! This adaptation was so clever. I loved the interpretation, the little aspects that linked back to the original tale as well as adding a new dimension were so well incorporated and the film flowed effortlessly. The ending was such a clever twist!
Jack was the perfect hero, witty and courageous I liked his backstory and how he was such a dreamer. The way he stepped up to plate to rescue Isabelle and do the right thing was portrayed as so natural for him.
Isabelle was one of those characters that grew on me. She initially annoyed me but as her relationship with her father and her reaction to her future were explored I really warmed to her. She was brave if s little naïve and I loved her feminist attitude to ruling.
Lord Roderick, typical villain. I liked the character and his little assistant who at times seemed harsh than Roderick! I do feel he did not think his plan through!
Actors who stood out- Nicholas Hoult as Jack- brilliantly acted and portrayed character. Ewan McGregor as Elmont- Such a comic hero!
Confusion- The monks- they seemed so important but once the beanstalk appeared they disappeared?
 Oz, The Great and Powerful!
I knew I wanted to see this the second I heard of it! I loved the Wizard of Oz so I was thrilled to see more of that world!
I've already mentioned my love of Wizard of Oz so I loved all the little links back to the original film especially the foreshadowing and how every major point of the original film was absorbed into this film. I loved the whole set up of the plot and the build up, the film managed to retain an element of surprise and suspense despite the fact most people have seen the final outcome.
The characters were fabulously created out of Frank Baum's imagination and small details added or enhanced to add originality.
I found Oz to be hilariously arrogant- I kind of loved what a con artist he was in the 'real' world. I enjoyed watching him grow as a character and use his former ways to really help the people of Oz.
Theodora was my initially favourite character, I loved her image and outlook. She did seem overly naïve for a witch but she was so nice it balance out.
I think Eva was the most evil character, her deception and lack of familial compassion was unnerving.
I loved Oz's two 'sidekicks'. Finlay was such a loyal character, I loved that he was a talking flying monkey. The relationship between Finlay and Oz was so entertaining because once Finlay pledges his irrevocable life debt to Oz he has to keep all his secrets which he finds so hard! I just loved his character.
China Doll was such a sweet character. I loved how gentle Oz was with her and how carefully he put her back together. She was at times much braver than Oz and Finlay and much more tough. I loved how she switched on tears to get Oz to let her stay. I felt for her as her whole village was destroyed but she remained strong and determined.
I loved the conclusion of the film it really set the scene for The original story and film.
Actors who stood out- Mila Kunis as Theodora- brilliantly acted, she brought so many different emotions to a complex character. Joey King as China Girl- Such good vocal acting for a young girl!
Confusion- Glinda- why didn't she use her powers more effectively.
I love Disney so naturally I had to see their latest film!
Such a great premise! Arcade games were such a big part of childhood for so many people so it provided a link to that. I loved that it was from the point of view of the 'villain'. The community they built 'behind' the games was so well planned and it was so entertaining to see all the different character interacting. I loved the support group they ran for them so they could talk about how being bad made them feel so witty and funny. The actual plot was so cleverly layered that even if you figure out one part of it you still ended up surprised. The inclusion of modern space/violent games was very tongue-in-cheek, the way Ralph was so traumatised by the violence was a clever message as well as comical.
Ralph was a great character. I really felt for the way he was left out in his game, forced to sleep outside and rarely invited in. Ralph has a point because he was obviously very good at wrecking things which was his job so why wasn't he rewarded? I loved how he accidently went rouge and tried to become a hero. His relationship with Vanellope was so cute, I loved how it made both of them better people.
Vanellope was definitely my favourite character! She was tough  and confident in herself despite being picked on by everyone in her game and unable to leave. The other racers were absolutely awful to her! The way she teased Ralph was so funny to watch and her determination was really touching. I loved the twist!
The side cast was great as it always in Disney films. Fix-it-Felix was such a stereotypical nice guy who was genuinely confused as to Ralph's unhappiness. The Nicelanders were really quite mean but I could kind of understand them- loved how they eventually welcomed Ralph. Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun was so stern and militant she made me giggle. King Candy was slightly creepy and reminded me of an Alice in Wonderland character. Sour Bill really suited his name, his voice was so dour!
Actors who stood out- Sarah Silverman as Vanellope- brilliantly portrayed such a range of emotions. Jane Lynch as Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun- I loved how you could heard such a range of tones in her voice.
Cameo- Skylar Astin as a Nicelander- I loved him in Pitch Perfect.

What have you seen recently?
Let me know if you like this kind of post!
Much Love!

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