Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Bloggiesta NetGalley Mini Challenge!

Welcome to Bloggiesta! I hope you are all working away on your to-do list. I have been a bloggiesta participant for ages so I'm excited to host my very own mini challenge!

NetGalley is both a blessing and a curse to bloggers~ it's so easy to request titles but before you know it your Feedback to Approval Ratio is way down and your TBR is way up.... This challenge will help you get a handle on NetGalley this Bloggiesta.

Improve your Feedback Tips and Tricks!
  • Didn't Finish the book. Make sure you still send feedback. I usually put a paragraph in the thoughts for publisher section thanking them for approving me etc..
  • Not posting the review for awhile. Do the feedback and put the date for the review in the thoughts section.
  • Go back through your approved books. I often find that I forgot to do feedback on some of my earlier approvals. This is actually how I got my ratio up when it came in!

Mini Challenge
This Bloggiesta I challenge you to improve your ratio either by going back over your approvals or writing up reviews!

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Let me know your NetGalley tips and tricks!
Much Love and Luck!


  1. Thanks for organizing this challenge - definitely reminded me that I should do just what this challenge advocates :)

  2. My feedback ratio is actually as high as it can be right now; it's not 100%, but the only books I haven't sent feedback for are the ones I haven't read yet!

    I do usually wait until my review is posted, though, so I can include the link. (Not to mention I don't usually schedule far enough in advance to know the date it will go up.) As long as I don't forget, I figure I'm alright.

  3. This is awesome. I thought that I couldn't put the feedback down until I had posted the books on my blog. SO I really appreciate the info on putting the date of the review in the thoughts for the publisher section.

    Tanya Patrice

  4. Netgalley was already on my task list I went through and updated some reviews and went up to almost 50%. One problem I have however is that when netgalley did an upgrade they didn't carry over my prior reviews so my prior build up was lost. Thanks for the challenge

  5. One of the things that irks me the most is when publishers don't get back to you very quickly. I may have a bunch of requests pending and assume they won't come through and then BAM a whole whack come through at once and my reading schedule becomes crowded. Overall, I'm not too worried about my approval rating. I still seem to get most of the books I request, so i figure I'm doing all right.
    Thanks for your tips!

  6. I think this is a great mini-challenge! I've been trying to work on my NetGalley ratio since the beginning of the year (since mine is terrible) and my tips on improving your ratio has been one of my most popular posts all year, so I think it's definitely something a lot of other bloggers struggle with too.

    It's a slow process, but my ratio is very gradually improving, and it makes me happy every time I see it increase (no matter how small that increase!). I'll definitely be double checking that I've cross-posed everything this weekend, and seeing if there's any more feedback I can get done.

  7. Great mini challenge, I'm really bad at reading Ebooks lately and so I need to work on that. I did remember to put some reviews I had pending up there, but need to read more and get my feedback going.

  8. I binged on some books around the holidays- ones that I had requested but forgot about and got my approval to a nice 85% -- then I requested more books. I really have to get reading. Thanks for this post, I know that my biggest issue isn't the feedback entries, it is actually getting the books read. So my tip for myself - don't request any more books until you are done with the ones you have :/

  9. I already follow the tips you mentioned and my ratio is 90%. I think giving feedback on DNF even if you don't write a review is a big one. And don't request more than you have to read is my personal rule :)

  10. I've looked over my Net Galley account and I have reviews for everything that I could. I have a couple of ancient ones that I can't do anything about anymore. My approval is at 81% and since I've only requested 20, I think that's pretty good!


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