Monday, 31 December 2012

Best of 2012!

2012 has been a phenomenal reading year for me!
After three years of hard work and partying I regained time for reading- I've read 50 books since June!
So my last post of 2012 is a quick round up of my 2012 favourites! I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

Favourite Debut
I picked this one up with nothing to go by and I loved it!

Favourite Start of Series
Divergent perfectly set the scene and the action for the rest of the series- just need to read Insurgent!

Favourite Standalone
 Morgan Matson is a firm summer time must read for me! I loved all the emotions and memories in this one!
Unexpected Favourite
I got this one free when I preordered Sophie Kinsella's latest book- I loved it! Very rarely does a free book surpass the one you paid for!
Favourite All Around
Dash and Lily had everything! Humour, sweet moments, stupid moments and action!

Favourite Latecomer
One of my last books of the year and one of my favourite! I'll be reviewing it next year!

The One I Should of Read Earlier!
Everyone's been raving about The Hunger Games for ages and I eventually picked it up in June this year- should have picked it up earlier!
Favourite End of Series
I was so happy to finally finish Ruby's story- I've loved her neurotic ways since 2006!
Favourite Sequel
I loved If I Stay but Where She Went had a little more resolution and perspective! Brilliant sequel!

Favourite 'Indie' Author
A random download led me to Abbi Glines! My favourite Indie author of 2012 because her books encouraged me to try other indie authors! 

Favourite Author
This one was hard! Veronica Rossi wrote a beautifully crafted world, a wonderful prequel and is very interactive! I'm already scouring my local bookshops for a freak early release!

Favourite Genre

 Before The Hunger Games I'd had no real interest in Dystopia but now I love it! I love all the different interpretations of the world, the intriguing mysteries and the characters. Not a fan of some of the love triangles but you can't love it all!

What were your favourites of 2012?
Happy New Year!
Much Love!


  1. I loved Divergent and The Hunger Games too. And the Dystopian genre is my jam - although Fantasy is #1 :-)

    1. Fantasy is my all time favourite but I find it hard to find new authors!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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