Thursday, 28 November 2013

Confessions: Film before Book!

Confession~ Watching the film before the book!
It's an unspoken rule that good readers always read the book before watching the film and then comment on how it doesn't live up to the book! However I broke this rule on Sunday and then realised it wasn't the first time!

I am Number Four
I'm not too keen on alien storylines usually so I thought I'd watch the film to see if I'd like the book! Especially as the book wasn't available at the library
I have been speeding through the series ever since~ On book 3!

The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
My best friend has loved Lord of the Rings since Primary school but I could never get into it. I watched the films but I was still underwhelmed :/
I tried to read the Hobbit before the film but I couldn't get into but I did love the film!

Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief
Another series that I was vaguely interested in and decided to watch the film to get a 'feel' for the plot etc.
I did like the film and got all the books which I haven't been able to enjoy yet!

This one was an accident I was channel flipping and found it on TV! So I watched it and immediately got the book.
I read Eragon but not the rest of the series.... However my Great Uncle who watched the film has finished and loved the whole series!

Gossip Girl
Technically a tv show but I love teen dramas so I gave Gossip Girl a chance despite the fact I disliked the books.
I am the proud owner of numerous box sets and a big fan of Chuck and Blair! However the books just weren't my thing.

Vampire Diaries
 I liked L.J Smith's books when I was younger but I wasn't the biggest fan of the Vampire Diaries series. I gave the TV show a try while it was On Demand.
I absolutely love the different concepts and plots of the TV series much more than the books!


The Hunger Games
I was so determined to read the books before the film that I actually missed the film in the cinema and had to wait for the DVD release!
I really enjoyed the book and the film, I'm glad I read the book first though!

What's your take?
Do you read or watch first? Does it bother you?
Much Love!

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